Collaboration as crucial Link in launching Hydrogen import corridors

“We strongly need collaboration to make this work.” Oman’s Minister of Energy and Minerals, H.E. Salim al Aufi, aptly stated in his keynote speech during  the second H2A Association’s Hydrogen Symposium held on the 4th of July. And it was this specific message that every speaker echoed: collaboration is essential to launch the hydrogen import value chain. We must integrate global insights, best practices, and strategic collaborations aimed at transforming hydrogen import corridors into a reality for the Port of Amsterdam.

The day began with morning sessions hosted by our H2A Association partners: EVOS, Sunoco, Electriq, City of Amsterdam and the North Sea Canal Area. Participants were given a behind-the-scenes look at how these companies are gearing up for green hydrogen import.

Establish the market within a few years
The afternoon was fully dedicated to the plenary sessions. Unlike the fossil fuel sector, which developed over decades, our goal is to establish this market within a challenging 10 years.

Tarek Helmi, Global Hydrogen Lead at Deloitte, kicked off the event by emphasizing the benefits of early action in the hydrogen sector. While the initial hype has tempered into a realistic outlook, the momentum continues. As Ramon Ernst, Chairman of H2A Association and Managing Director of EVOS, and Dorine Bosman, Chief Investment Officer at Port of Amsterdam, noted in their welcome address, the drive to develop this market remains strong.

The past year has seen significant strides, with North Holland being named Hydrogen Valley of the Year in Europe, highlighting regional efforts recognized by Brussels. Numerous partnerships and agreements have laid a solid foundation for future developments.

Omani Minister Al Aufi took the audience to the Middle East, one of the possible starting points of an import corridor. Oman is stepping up by dedicating 65,000 km² to clean energy and sustainable hydrogen production, actively seeking partners to channel this hydrogen to Amsterdam and Northwestern Europe.

Challenging road
Despite the progress, the road ahead is challenging. Ellen Ruhotas, Head of Hydrogen Midstream at ECOLOG, emphasized the need for risk-takers supported by governments and market players. Michel Heijdra, Vice Minister for Climate and Energy for the Dutch government, reaffirmed the commitment to pre-established energy and climate goals.

Glittering gold
During the event, Daniel Teichman, founder and CEO of Hydrogenious Technologies, was awarded a golden medal from hydrogen advocate ‘Missie H2’ for his contributions to the hydrogen import chain. H2A was proud to host the latest winner of the Missie H2 award!

Emeritus Professor Ad van Wijk reflected on the discussions of the symposium, emphasizing the crucial role of proactive port authorities in scaling the hydrogen import value chain. His hope for the 2025 H2A Symposium? A realistic implementation plan for the hydrogen import value chain, fostering a level playing field for European sustainable hydrogen production and imports. We eagerly anticipate seeing these visions come to fruition next year!

The enthusiasm was palpable among the 300 participants who networked relentlessly until Gert-Jan Nieuwenhuizen, Managing Director of Port of Amsterdam International and H2A Association, brought the event to a closure. This year’s gathering underscored the urgency and excitement surrounding the potential of the hydrogen import market!

Reflecting on a wonderful symposium, we would like to thank our partners, speakers and all participants and Port of Amsterdam and Deloitte for their highly appreciated support and cooperation.

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Save the date: Amsterdam, 19th of June 2025!